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Get the Code to Link Phone to PC

An Android handset and a Windows PC are linked together using Only Windows or Android devices can make use of this Microsoft function. You can connect your smartphone to your PC and use the functions of your phone on your computer by using the functionality.

Sync Your Phone to Computer: Phone Link (also known as Your Phone) is the official Microsoft feature that allows you to link your mobile device with your desktop computer to make working with it more comfortable. Phone Link app comes with Windows 10 and 11 and can easily access by using this link

What is

You can link your phone with your computer using the feature of the Windows Creators Update. This implies that you can view your phone’s notifications, SMS, and app alerts on a computer. Additionally, you may use your phone as a laptop mouse or keyboard. To get started, all you need is the code.

Does Your Android Phone Work With a Windows Computer?

An Android phone can be connected to a Windows computer. The Link To Windows software, which may be found on some Android phones, is used to accomplish this.

The Link To Windows app on your phone and the Link To Windows app on your Windows PC is then connected. Since it is one of the core components of Windows, the Link To Windows app ought to already be installed on your computer.

You should be able to sync everything once you’ve connected your phone and Windows PC using the Link To Windows and Phone Link programmes. However, not every Android phone will perform as well as it could when connected to a Windows PC.

When connected to a Windows PC, only the Surface Duo and Samsung Galaxy phones completely function. The Link To Windows app still allows most other Android phones to connect with Windows PCs, but as of this writing, they can only use a limited number of pairing capabilities.

Benefits of

After introducing this function, Microsoft significantly simplified the use of smartphones with Windows. The benefits of this service feature are as follows:

Seamlessly transfer content: Let’s start with the most fundamental advantage of using this program. People have been downloading third-party software over the last few years to move content between devices. In fact, transferring the content with USB cords proved inefficient and overly slow. However, users can now transfer an unlimited amount of content in a matter of seconds by using this application. Your content is not shared with anyone because it is so quick and secure.

Access to programs: This is an additional advantage of employing this Windows function; you can continuously access any of your installed applications on your smartphone. Users can view their smartphone applications on the bigger screen after the sync procedure, but they must first have operational internet connectivity.

Execute operations: We’ve talked about using a wider screen to access the programs. However, you can also take action on those applications. Imagine that you are receiving a WhatsApp call now. Therefore, by utilizing this capability, you may respond to them on a larger screen and even carry out all of your smartphone’s functions.

Access to a smartphone: Transferring, making calls, and even using the applications are all quite pleasurable. But this feature is considerably more versatile than you would think. Through this program, you may now access your entire smartphone. access your video and photo galleries.

These were the main advantages of using to connect the Smartphone to Windows OS. Therefore, we will go over the procedures and prerequisites for connecting a phone to a PC.

Requirements of

To connect your phone to your computer or laptop, you must meet the following requirements, which will be covered in this section:

Phone Companion application: The fundamental applications you must install on your smartphone. It is available for immediate download from You may download it without any delays from the Microsoft official website by clicking this link, which will take you there. But keep in mind that you must download it from either the Play store on your smartphone or the official Microsoft website via this link.

Companion software on Windows OS: Checking whether a phone companion program is available for Microsoft Windows is the second crucial application you require. Search for “Phone link” in the search field, and click the icon if it appears in the search results. If not, update Windows to the most recent version and the icon will show up. since only Windows 10 and newer versions are compatible with it.

Wi-Fi Connection: A reliable and powerful internet connection is the third prerequisite that all of your devices must meet. In order for your smartphone to be directly connected to the PC and provide you access to all of your phone’s functions and applications on the PC or laptop.

What Can You Do After Pairing an Android Phone and a Windows Computer?

Depending on how many features your Android phone offers, you can do a variety of things once it is linked to your Windows computer.

You can sync documents, photos, videos, contacts, messages, calls, notifications, and even some apps if your phone is fully supported. If you need assistance locating your files, check out our tutorial on how to find saved objects on Android phones.

Additionally, you’ll be able to mirror your phone’s screen, which is incredibly helpful.

How do I disconnect my smartphone from my computer?

You have connected your device successfully using the webpage. However, you’re currently having issues with this feature and want to unplug your smartphone from your computer. You can therefore unlink your smartphone from your PC by simply following the procedures listed below.

  1. Firstly, you need to visit the official website of Microsoft and log in with the same email ID as before.
  2. Now visit the “Device” section and a list of linked devices will appear on the screen.
  3. Tap on the preferred device which you want to remove, and confirm it.
  4. Go to the smartphone and re-open the application it will show disconnected.
  5. The same procedure goes for the smartphone if you want to remove the link.
  6. Open the companion app on your device, and open the settings option. There you will find the Accounts option, open it.
  7. Look for the same Microsoft email ID, which is entered on the PC.
  8. Post-finding clicks on the account and presses the “Logout” button.
  9. Complete the prompt links and your device will be unpaired from the PC.